Kiosk, web or mobile? - This is a question that we get asked a lot, in reality a well-designed wayfinding solution will meet all of your visitors needs and as such this requires an understanding of the different platforms and their uses. The fundamental criteria for a good wayfinding system is its ability to calculate the fastest, or easiest, or preferred or accessible route based on the starting and end-point.

The software:

Flexible and dynamic

The key to any system is to ensure that the content is accurate and up to date. Signpost101 has the advantage of a web-based, password protected updating system.

This means any computer that has Internet access can be used for updating and because the content is dynamic it's instantly up to date and current.  This easy to use solution has the added benefit that when not in use, it can act like a digital sign.

The look and feel:

Your look, your design, your colors

We have a standard look which is suitable for most applications and can easily incorporate your colors and logo to quickly and cost effectively develop and deploy your system.

We are also able to develop a custom look (both hardware and software) which can be created in conjunction with your design team or your existing marketing material - this ensures that you have consistent branding across your organization.

The Hardware:

Secure, comprehensive & integrated

A key feature of Signpost101 is the ability to provide a seamless environment between software and the ever changing interactive environment, be it a mobile phone or a 55" kiosk.

This is done through the use of proven technology in conjunction with first class components which is then combined into a well-designed piece of cutting edge technology suitable for just about any environment.

The process for designing and building a wayfinding solution:

Develop it

scope and cost

The first stage of development, scoping the project is done in conjunction with our wayfinding experts and your own staff members ...

Build it


This is the time in which the interface design is developed - we understand the styling may need to compliment existing signage....

Maintain it


One of the primary purposes of a wayfinding solutions is to guide your visitors and staff around your environment...